Textual, Inter-textual, and Meta-textual Analysis of the Narrations about Entering the World into an Egg

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Associate Professor, Department of Hadith, Faculty of Hadith Sciences and Education, University of Quran and Hadith, Tehran, Iran.



The responses of impeccable Imams to the question of entering the world into an egg, without changing the volume of both sides, are among the problematic narratives in the field of monotheism, the interpretation of which may be considered as knowing the impossible rational matter by using the analogy of entering the image of objects into the eye, which is not consistent with the content of the original question; the issue does not end there and receiving conflicting dual answers from the Imams to the same question and considering this matter as impossible, are among the other challenges in dealing with this category of hadiths. The present study has used a descriptive-analytical method to explain these hadiths and has found that scholars only accept the apparent indication of the narratives, considering this matter as impossible, and interpret or deny the narratives that have addressed the problem through a metaphorical representation of the world entering the eye. On the other hand, one can interpret some narratives that indicate the possibility of this matter by making changes to both sides and remaining silent, and present a new interpretation based on the theories of "Holography" and "Removal of Empty Space of Atoms" in contemporary sciences, in a way that it can be considered as a solution to resolve the contradiction. In fact, the Imams have sometimes given a precise and real answer to the narrators' current state and needs, and sometimes a metaphorical and tacit answer, so that neither the scholars remain ignorant of the truth nor a pretext for denying the power of Almighty God is created for the ignorant and the opponents. Therefore, merely benefiting from a strange appearance of a narrative or initially understanding it in conflict with reason, knowledge, epistemological geometry, etc., is not a sufficient reason for rejection and denial, and a precise understanding of the hadiths requires multidimensional studies that taking into account the knowledge of contemporary humanity can be one of the requirements that can change the world of hadith understanding.

  • Receive Date: 05 December 2023
  • Accept Date: 11 December 2023
  • First Publish Date: 01 March 2024
  • Publish Date: 01 March 2024