Aims and Scope

The general goal and specific objectives of the Journal of Hadith Studies and Researches are as follows:

The general goal of the Journal of Hadith Studies and Researches and its top priority is to develop problem-centered applied research in the field of Hadith using new and effective methods, in a way that addresses the problems of various religious studies. In addition, other specific objectives are pursued, including:

  • Utilizing the scientific capacity of international scholars to understand the correct interpretation of Hadith texts, in order to dispel doubts and misconceptions that are one of the most important factors in people's alienation from religion in Islamic societies;
  • Providing a more accurate and realistic image of Hadith teachings;
  • Introducing religious models in line with contemporary requirements;
  • Efforts to familiarize the audience with methods of validating texts;
  • Developing the application of effective methods in specialized and interdisciplinary Hadith research.