Guide for Authors

Guidelines for Authors

The "Journal of Hadith Studies and Researches" is the only English-language scientific-research Hadith-oriented journal with an international reputation that is published by the University of Quran and Hadith. This journal is published quarterly (spring, summer, autumn, and winter). Articles submitted for publication in this journal should not have been published in any other journal, nor should they be simultaneously submitted to other journals. This journal does not accept scientific notes or short articles.


Please pay attention to the following points when submitting an article:

 1- User registration: Click on the "Author Registration" option on the right side of the page. For university faculty members (professors, associate professors, assistant professors), please include your academic rank when completing your profile (being a member of the faculty is not sufficient). After completing the information and receiving your username and password, you can submit your article. It is important to note that by registering once in the journal system, an author can submit articles to all journals available in the electronic journal database of the University of Quran and Hadith, meaning that one registration is sufficient for each user. University faculty members, after logging into the system, should go to the "Settings" section and enter their personal information. If they do not wish to review articles, they must select the appropriate option. If they are willing to review articles, they should select the "I am willing to review" option.


  1. Username and password: It is necessary to obtain a username and password before submitting an article. Therefore, it is important to keep the email sent by the system safe. The username is the author's email address. If you forget your password, select the "I forgot my password" option. Enter the email address you used to register in the system and click the send button to receive the password reset link. After logging into their dashboard, users can change their password in the "Settings" section at the top of the page.


  1. Uploading an Article in the System: To submit an article, you must first register in the system and then select the "Submit Article" option. Afterward, enter your username and password. Upon logging into the system, select the format of the article (research article) and complete the following steps, which include providing the full title and short title of the article, author details, entering the abstract, keywords, etc. In the "Add Files" section, upload the main article file (without the authors' names) and the authors' details file as necessary files in Word format. The main file's name should be the English title of the article, and the authors' names and details should not be included in the file name or text of the article. If the upload is done accurately and completely, the article will be placed in the "Articles under Review" section (on the right side of the user's page). Otherwise, the article will be placed in the "Incomplete Articles" section and will not be available for initial review by the editorial board. This means that the article has not been submitted for review.



It is mandatory for authors to complete the following forms and sign them.

conflict of interest form and commitment letter


When selecting the journal, please ensure that the article is submitted to the intended journal and that the name of another journal is not mistakenly selected.


Before uploading the file, please ensure:

- Upload exactly one file of the "Main text of the article" and one file containing the authors' details;

- Ensure that the article file is attached without mentioning the authors' names and addresses;

- Please only upload files with English names;

- The "Supplementary Text" file will not be shown to the reviewer(s).


Important note: Access the system with the role of "Author." After logging into the system, reviewers can change their role to "Reviewer" to review the articles submitted by the editorial board.

  1. Initial Review or Executive Editor's Summary: After submission, the article will first be sent to the executive editor of the journal for initial review. The preparation of the article according to the format available on the website (including adherence to a maximum of 8000 words) and the careful study of the "Author's Guidelines" to address possible issues is the responsibility of the
    "Co-responsible author."


Important Note: Receipt of payment for review and article publication: For each article submitted for review and publication, a fee of 2/000/000 Rials will be charged. Upon confirmation, the esteemed author should deposit the amount into the following account:


Account Number: .............

Account Name: .....................................

Deposit ID: ................................

IBAN: ......................................


The responsible author is required to scan the bank receipt after depositing the required amount and upload it as an attachment in the "File Upload" section.


Important Note: The article is only submitted once with a specific tracking code for the journal. Therefore, the responsible author is kindly requested not to submit the corrected article as a new article with a separate tracking code after receiving the reviewers' comments. This is because the original tracking code's records are accessible, and the new article will be placed in the initial review stage like other articles. Furthermore, refrain from sending the article file via email to the executive editor or editor-in-chief.


  1. Article Follow-up: To follow up on the article, click on the "History" option in the "Operations" section, then the "Articles" box, and become informed about the various stages of the file. After the initial review and approval by the executive editor, the article will be sent to the journal's editor-in-chief for approval, rejection, and the appointment of reviewers. All stages are visible via the "History" option in the "Operations" section.


If two months have passed since the initial review and initial acceptance by the executive editor, and the article is in the "under review" status without receiving a response, please contact the journal's editor.